Do I need a website?


Why every small business should be online

If you own a small or locally-based business, or are simply running a side business out of your home, you may wonder “do I really need a website?”

No matter who you are or what type of business you have, the answer is yes! Websites are a simple, and sometimes inexpensive way to promote your business. The days of cracking open the yellow pages when you’re looking for a plumber, restaurant, or CPA are long gone. It is much more likely that your next potential customer is looking for you on his laptop, smartphone, or iPad. And yes, this applies to your local customers too. Even if your customers are 100 percent local, it’s a safe bet that most of them are looking for you online.

You may think your business is too small to need a website. You don’t need pages and pages of information to have a presence online. Even a single-page website (a landing page) will boost your customer’s chances of finding you. All you need is a little bit of information, a logo, and contact info. That’s enough to get a designer started on your website.

Then it’s all about getting out there. Link your new website to a Facebook business page, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. Add your location to Google Maps and include your website and contact info. Find an industry-specific social networking site and post your profile there. Doing some or all of these suggestions will boost the chances that you will be found.

Once you have a website, increasing traffic to your website will in turn increase your customer count. And isn’t that what being in business is all about?