Facebook for Business: 10 Tips


If you’re on Facebook with a personal account, you probably have your own rhythm worked out. You know what you like to post, you know what’s going to engage your friends, and you know which photos and links you want to share. But when you make the leap from using Facebook personally to using Facebook professionally, it’s a whole different ballgame. You aren’t there to share your proud and personal moments, make political jokes, or share photos from your latest family reunion. You’re there to engage with your customers. You’re there to support your business’s brand. You’re there to market yourself to a group of people you may not even know. So what should you be doing on your business page to keep your audience interested, and maybe even gain those coveted ‘likes’? I’ve put together are few tips to get a Facebook business page newbie started down the right path.

Click the ‘Start Prezi’ button below, and use the arrows to lead you through the presentation. Not familiar with Prezi? Watch for a future post here about this exciting alternative to slide presentations.