Frightened of the Facebook Fall?


Every time I check my Feedly news feed, I see yet another article on the demise of Facebook’s organic reach and what that means to your business. I admit, I’ve been feeling the effects of the new algorithms and continue to see my posts reach fewer and fewer people organically. But will the reach ever hit the big ZERO? The answer is very likely NOT. Marketing Land sums it up nicely in their recent post. A few notable highlights:

  1. If there’s no way for a brand to reach it’s customers, why would they bother spending time developing and keeping an active page? The little bit of good will that Facebook throws our way, even at smaller brands, keeps some money rolling. Brands with pages are obviously more likely to spend ad dollars with Facebook than a brand without a page!
  2. Some post types, such as Links and News, have been on the rise, gaining more views.

Are you paying attention to your WEEKLY reach?


Everyone seems to be running scared because they are seeing their individual post reach decline. But is that the number we really should be watching? Today I received my weekly page insights from Facebook. Check out that number next to weekly total reach. I’m a page with, currently, 151 likes. In the last week, my posts have been seen 290 times in news feeds. And that’s purely organic. No boosted posts, no Facebook ads. My weekly engagement isn’t that high (gotta work on that!), but my brand is being seen. If you’ve paid any attention to the changes coming to Facebook’s Page layout, you’d even have seen that your weekly reach is about to become a prominent number in the new setup. That alone should tell you that it’s an important statistic that you should be paying attention to.

Facebook or bust?

Marketing Land also makes the point, which I’ve always professed, to never put all your eggs in one basket. If you are a brand who ONLY has a Facebook page—no website, no other social outlets, no other web presence—this should be your wake-up call to get a website NOW, and start exploring what other social media you can add to your plate. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, but you do need to get your brand out there. No one ever built a business by only running one ad.

My advice? Don’t give up on Facebook yet. Continue posting, pay attention to your page insights, and work the system. But be sure that you have a rich, well-rounded digital presence in addition to your Facebook page.