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What does your logo’s color say about your business?

You’ve started your business, all the paperwork is filed, and now it’s time to hire a designer and get your logo and brand underway. You probably have some idea of what you want that logo to look like. And you might even have a few color preferences that you want to share with your graphic designer. You’re thinking you want a loud and bright logo, maybe using red or orange. Or you want something a little more subtle, perhaps in the blue or green spectrum. But what is that color going to mean to your potential customers?

Plenty of research has been done on the psychology of color. Below is an abridged reference list of colors and the emotional or physical reaction they can invoke.


Before you talk to your graphic designer about color preferences for your logo or brand, consider the above list. And be sure to talk to your designer about the personality you want to convey through your logo and brand. The more open and communicative you are about your wishes and desires, the better and more effective the final product will be.

Color Matters
Info Please: Color Psychology