Marketing Tips Roundup: Snowpocalypse Edition


Here on the East coast, we are snowed in! So while I’m homebound, I’m cuddling up on the couch with a blanket, some hot chocolate, and my laptop, finding great, and FREE, marketing advice for you! The internet is jam-packed with useful tips and tutorials on everything from branding and logos to social media marketing, Facebook helpful hints, and even how to take amazing photos with your iPhone . Don’t worry, I did the searching for you. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite links that I’ve found recently!

7 ways to use humor in your online marketing

When your potential customers are laughing, they may not even realize they are being marketed to. Why not find a way to inject some humor into your next campaign?

18 ways to improve your Facebook newsfeed performance

Have you noticed your Facebook page reach has been down lately? Or your fans aren’t engaging as much as they used to? Facebook has been changing the algorithms that determine who sees what posts, so it’s more important than ever to read this useful list of ways to increase your Facebook reach. Some are easy to implement, others take a little more work. But all of them are worth your while if Facebook is a key component to your marketing plan.

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Spy on Your Competitors

Yes, spying was the first thing I did when I wanted to increase my social media efforts. That doesn’t mean post what they post, but take a look at others in your field, and see what they are posting about. It’s a great tactic to get you thinking about what YOU have to say to your customers.

How to Create A Perfect Logo in 11 Steps

This isn’t a “How to design your logo” tutorial so you don’t have to hire a professional. But it is a fantastic commentary on how you should approach the design of your logo. I think my favorite tip here is #7 “A logo is a suggestion, an impression, a clue.” So often, clients want to tell the whole story through their logo. That’s usually not possible without sacrificing the integrity of the logo itself. I think #6, “The brand is the sum of everything, the logo isn’t” reinforces that.

This is a great tutorial on using your iPhone. I recognize that most people are just using their iPhones as their one and only camera (I do!). But if you plan on using those photos to market your business, then why not make sure you are getting great pictures, and they don’t just look like photos taken with a smartphone. For a start, download the camera+ app. I did, and it’s amazing!

As soon as I read this article, I immediately changed the way I post on Facebook. I never post as if I’m posting a link. Now, I always post a photo, with the corresponding link in the caption. I have noticed an increase in engagement, and my timeline looks a lot nicer now!

I can attest to Top Secret Fixing #5. My posts that incorporate humor are usually my most popular Facebook posts, and followers have been more likely to share them.

An interesting article that is contrary to everything you hear. According to this, Facebook has not become irrelevant for teenagers. It’s not that they are abandoning Facebook, and jumping ship to newer social platforms like Snapchat. They are, in fact, just using more social media platforms than we realize.

16 Awesome Facebook Marketing Infographics to ROCK Your World

Fun to look at AND filled with free, useful social media marketing tidbits! Print out your favorites and keep them next to your computer for reference!

Rethink Your Branding to Create Crazy Love From Customer

I love the 7 steps for crazy love for your brand. As small businesses, we can too often be focused on our logo, design, etc. But don’t forget your BRAND. That’s your personality. Who are you, and what are you? It’s the emotional connection that will keep customers coming back again and again!