Say no to the elevator speech


Embracing Conversational Marketing

Perhaps the simplest (and cheapest!) way to market yourself is simply by talking about your company to others. We’ve all heard the importance of having an elevator speech: that quick synopsis of what your business can do for a potential client, scripted and rehearsed so you can deliver it at a moments notice. Whether you are at a party, a networking event, or just standing in line to buy coffee, you need to be ready to promote yourself or your business verbally, in a positive and exciting way. But I’ve always equated the idea of an actual ‘elevator speech’ to that of a door-to-door salesman (today, I suppose we’d say it’s like a telemarketer), continually giving the same speech over and over again, with no regard to who your audience is, or whether you are boring the pants off them. Thankfully, there’s some fresh ideas afoot. It’s time to abandon that elevator speech and work on some conversational marketing of your own with these ideas from Marcia Hoeck at Parse. I hope you’ll find these suggestions as useful as I do. How will these tactics change your elevator speech?