Top 10 Free Resources


You’ve got to create a flyer for an event you’re having, but you have no budget to hire a designer, let alone for the perfect photo or eye-catching fonts. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up my top 10 favorite free resources online for photos, illustrations, fonts, and more!

Note: Before using any of the material from these links, be sure to review the usage policy on each site (and in some cases, for each file). I’ve chosen sites that are mostly 100% free for commercial use, but there are some exceptions within each site, as well as some cases where you need to provide a credit.


Free Photos

Gratisography: A collection of high-quality, artistic images, taken by 2 photographers.

Unsplash: Another collection of high-quality photos, this site is similar to Gratisography, but the photos are taken by a wider group of photographers. Some of these are so beautiful, you’ll want to frame them and use them as art!

MorgueFile: This is the ‘final resting place’ for images that didn’t get used otherwise. They are completely free, as long as you change them up enough. Otherwise, they are great for comps.

Lost & Taken: An extensive collection of textures. These are perfect for backgrounds.


Free Illustrations

All-Silhouettes: Looking for a silhouetted person, bug, tree, or other object? Check here!


Free Fonts

Font Squirrel: A comprehensive collection of free fonts found across the web. Some can be downloaded right from Font Squirrel, others will take you to another site.

Google Fonts: Google fonts are an excellent resource because all the fonts are available for free both as a desktop font and as a web font.

Lost Type Co-op: When you go to download a font here, yes, you will be asked how much you want to pay. And if you want to support them, throw them a few bucks now and then. But you can also type in $0, and download your font!


And Finally…

GraphicBurger: This is a mashup of icons, photoshop files, backgrounds, textures, and more. In some cases, you’ll need Photoshop to open the files, but in others, jpegs and/or PNG files are supplied.

DesignMoo: Another mash-up, like GraphicBurger. This one includes fonts too!