The Alden March Bioethics Institute (AMBI) of Albany Medical College came to KDD seeking fresh ideas and a more hands-on approach to building its brand message.

Challenge: AMBI is internationally recognized as a leader in the growing field of bioethics, offering Graduate Degree and Graduate Certificate programs in Clinical Ethics, Bioethics, and Health Ethics and Policy. The institute’s brand image needed a major rejuvenation to remain competitive amidst an expanding field of rivals in the bioethics education space. Recent marketing efforts and digital advertising campaigns lacked versatility, innovation, and definitive examples of ROI. In addition to redesigning AMBI’s logo and updating its brand guidelines, KDD was tasked with creating a robust marketing and advertising strategy that would reach and attract a wider target audience with the measurable goal of increasing enrollments. Both the rebranding and marketing efforts needed to align with Albany Medical College’s global brand guidelines and messaging.

Result: The KDD team created a fresh, well-defined, recognizable logo and a cohesive set of brand guidelines that were implemented across all of AMBI’s traditional and digital materials. Working within the confines of an existing website structure, KDD consulted to improve the content and messaging to better resonate with prospective students. In addition, KDD created new email funnels that respond to program inquiries and guide potential students toward enrollment. After a detailed analysis of AMBI’s past Google Search ads, KDD developed a comprehensive campaign strategy that properly optimized ads to produce better ad performance and conversions without increasing the ad budget. Throughout the entire process, KDD guided AMBI’s decision-makers by offering thoughtful and research-backed recommendations, providing data with clear explanations for how goals were being accomplished, and adapting our strategy, as needed, based on AMBI’s feedback and ideas. KDD continues to act as a team partner with Alden March Bioethics Institute, consulting in content and strategic digital marketing.

The executives at Gateway Hudson Valley, a non-profit social services organization, needed help transforming how they tell their story.

Challenge: Gateway Hudson Valley underwent a drastic change in how the organization accomplishes its mission. Despite a newish website and a recent rebrand, Gateway was struggling to convey these changes to the general public. A new content strategy and restructured website were needed to effectively raise awareness and share the bounty of services this organization offers.

Result: KDD began by surveying the footprint of the brand and viewing it from the eye of an outsider. We were able to identify gaps and confusion in the content on the website, inconsistencies across social profiles, and missed engagement opportunities. By rebuilding and reorganizing the website, KDD helped Gateway meet its goals of better reach, awareness, and understanding of the brand. In addition, we laid out a comprehensive marketing strategy – including tagline and messaging, annual report design, and ongoing communications – to help Gateway better share its mission. By implementing new tactics, KDD helped Gateway change not only the public view of the organization but also the perception of adults with developmental disabilities. KDD continues to support Gateway Hudson Valley in its efforts to better engage with the community.

KDD developed the branding and marketing strategy for a growing regional Dental Service Organization (DSO) with multiple affiliated practices. This DSO aims to remove the burden of operations from individual practices, allowing dentists to prioritize patient care.

Challenge: The DSO needed help to manage marketing and communications for its family of individual dental practices. Their goals were to develop a unique brand for each of their affiliated practices and raise the online presence of each brand to ultimately attract new patients and new affiliated practices. The DSO started with a handful of locations but quickly began to grow. With new practices added regularly, a streamlined approach was necessary to support the branding and marketing of incoming affiliates.

Result: Acting as an external marketing department for the DSO, the KDD team conducted competitive research, created a strong brand for the DSO, and developed and implemented a comprehensive, multifaceted, and scalable strategy for branding and marketing the individual practices. Through our ongoing work, which includes social media management, digital advertising, website design and management, marketing collateral design, and internal communications support, the practices have had an increase in new patients and online engagement, and the DSO has expanded its affiliate network. The results have been twofold: individual practices have seen continued growth, while the DSO has experienced overall market growth.

The Thruway Family of Stores is a family-owned retail corporation including Thruway Sporting Goods, Thruway Wine and Liquor, and Thruway Ace Hardware. Thruway offers a hometown shopping experience with quality brands and a focus on community.

Challenge: Thruway came to KDD in need of a full marketing strategy, social media consultation, a new website, as well as a cohesive brand strategy for their 65th anniversary. But when the entire world came to a halt due to COVID-19 and shifted to being almost entirely online, Thruway needed to quickly adapt, and social media and their digital presence became exponentially important in keeping customers informed.

Result: We communicated the many changes to their hours and policies through their social media channels, Google MyBusiness, their website, and weekly e-newsletters. Through consistent outreach to customers, we were able to increase engagement, followers, subscribers, and e-newsletter open and click-through rates, resulting in higher brand awareness with their target audiences. In addition, KDD designed and developed an easier-to-manage website for the parent company and it’s three retail stores.

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This Hudson Valley commercial real estate firm was looking for digital marketing support through social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

Challenge: The brokers in this successful firm wanted to add strategy to their digital marketing efforts but didn’t have the time or expertise in-house to do so.

Result: Our team at KDD put a social media strategy in place and began developing and posting consistent content to the brokers’ social profiles. The website search engine optimization was addressed, and some reworking of the website helped user engagement. And we continue to support the brokers through an evolving email marketing strategy.  There continues to be an increase in reach and engagement on the social platforms, of which the national organization they are associated with even took notice. The business owners play an important role in the strategy by bringing ideas to the table, sharing photos of their meetings and events, and participating on social media on their personal accounts. It’s a team effort that continues to grow their audience and brand for true social media success!

The Friends of Mills at Staatsburgh raise funds to preserve, interpret, and maintain the Staatsburgh State Historic Site. Their mission is to educate the community about the Hudson Valley’s role in the Gilded Age.

Challenge: Originally called the Friends of Mills Mansion, this nonprofit had recently refreshed their brand and changed their name to reflect the state’s name of the historic site. Their website was next in line for a refresh.

Result: KDD consulted with the Friends to design and develop a brand-new website. The new site is now visually impactful and reflects the grandeur of the gilded age Hudson Valley mansion. KDD continues to work closely with the Friends board of trustees, who earned gilded stars for their content collection and organization.

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Young Survival Coalition, a national non-profit focused on creating community, resources, and support for young adults (under 40) facing breast cancer, has been working with Katy Dwyer Design since 2013. KDD has supported the efforts of YSC’s marketing department’s initiatives and events, and continues to do so on a nearly-daily basis.

YSC summit logo with inset YSC logo

As a national organization, Young Survival Coalition has multiple needs throughout the year. One of their larger events is the national conference for young adults affected by breast cancer called YSC Summit. KDD has been involved with this conference from the beginning, including creating the visual brand of the event. YSC needed a brand that incorporated their national brand, but also became a brand of its own. KDD designed the logo, signage, marketing materials, program, merchandise, and more for the event, and continues to do so year after year.

YSC is also a resource for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They have developed and offer a series of educational materials–called Navigators–which guide a young adult from being newly diagnosed all the way through treatment and long-term beyond diagnosis. KDD designed these navigators, and continues to aid in updates year after year, in addition to designing spanish version.

Another important tool for a non-profit is an annual report. KDD has been involved in the creation of numerous YSC annual reports over the years. Throughout all the design work, KDD maintains the look of the YSC brand by following brand guidelines, and also knowing when and where to push the envelope a bit, while still presenting the YSC brand in a cohesive fashion.

KDD is honored to play a supporting role in this important organization, and we continue to be a partner to their marketing efforts. From invitations for a fundraiser to Women’s Health Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Holiday cards, and everything in between, KDD is proud lend their design support to this important organization.


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For their 20th Anniversary, Bottomless Closet, a non-profit organization in New York City which helps empower women in need to enter the workforce, decided it was time to upgrade their website. Though the previous website was in WordPress, it was difficult to manage, and therefore, was not kept up to date. The user interface was outdated and not friendly to the typical website visitor. KDD was brought in to design and develop the new online presence.

Mobile version of Bottomless Closet website

Through a series of meetings, we determined who the typical site visitor was—and there wasn’t one answer. From women in need, to individuals looking to volunteer or donate clothes, to corporations interested in partnerships, the new site needed to speak to a variety of markets.

In addition, the site had to integrate with the non-profit’s donor CRM, used for event registrations and donations alike.

Staying in the lane of the existing brand visuals and identity, KDD developed a new WordPress website in time for Women’s History Month, and the celebration of Bottomless Closet’s 20th Anniversary.

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This start-up not-for-profit organization came to KDD early in the planning stages to help develop their visual brand. The brand needed to reflect energy, community, and a theme of “tribe.”

Working for women logo and icon in various colors

GD USA American Graphic Design Awards 2019 Winner
Through a series of logo explorations, KDD designed an iconic and interchangeable logo system with a palette of unique colors that help give the Working for Women visual brand a vibrancy and personality.

Working for Women also needed a website, which we developed in two phases. Phase one was for the feasibility stage. Using a purchased WordPress theme, KDD built a quick and bare bones website with just a few pages, aimed at capturing interested members and potential partners.

Later on, KDD designed and developed the custom WordPress website now being used by Working for Women.

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