Filomena Fanelli came to Katy Dwyer Design when she needed to brand her new business. The process began with name consultation. With a few names Filomena already in mind, they worked together to determine what would strike the right chord, what would work best (and was available) as a domain name, and what name would fit her business and personality.


With a name in place, the next step was logo design. After careful consideration and fact-finding discussions with Filomena, 3 designs were developed and presented. From there, one direction was chosen, and Katy worked to fine-tune the design with Filomena’s suggestions and requests. The process of designing the logo also helped to jump start the overall branding for Impact PR & Communications, and business cards were designed.

In building the website, Filomena and Katy worked together to craft the right site map and content plan. Using a pre-developed WordPress theme, Katy built a unique website for Impact PR & Communications, a website that fit seamlessly within the brand Katy and Filomena had developed. We met with Filomena a number of times not just to work out the design, but to also be a sounding board for the flow of content.

As Impact PR & Communications grew, Filomena came back to Katy Dwyer design for a presentation design, ad design, and more. Filomena continues to reach out to us as new marketing needs arise.

“I wouldn’t work with anyone else if they paid ME. That’s how highly I think of Katy Dwyer Design.”

Filomena Fanelli, CEO/Founder, Impact PR & Communications