Katy Dwyer Design was chosen to work with the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum (MHCM) on the redesign and development of their new website.

We started with a fact-finding meeting at MHCM. Executive Director Lara Litchfield-Kimber came prepared with a clear vision of how the site needed to change, what she wanted to see, and why it needed to be taken to the next level. The current site wasn’t mobile-friendly, and wasn’t organized as well as it could be. The new site would have to have multiple layers, appealing to both museum-goers and potential donors, and support the many arms of the museum, such as exhibits, education, and space rentals.

KDD designed a new custom WordPress site, giving the museum staff more control over the content with an easier-to-manage content management system than they had before. The new site includes subtle animation on the homepage, an alert banner for the homepage when needed, an event calendar, multiple forms for different inquiry types, and portals for exhibits, education, membership, and parents and caregivers.

In the midst of working on the website, MHCM was opening a new science center. They asked us to help design a new logo for the center: one that featured characteristics of the museum’s current logo, and also incorporated some of the art that Director of Exhibits and Facilities Joe Cook had painted within the exhibit. Using that art as inspiration for icons, we designed a colorful new logo for the Science Center.