Launching a business usually involves months of planning. Yet sometimes, a client comes to us and wants to launch their business (and brand) in a month. Enter Segue Cloud Services, LLC.

Segue Cloud Services, LLC Logo

Segue Cloud Services is a cloud-based software, built on the SalesForce platform, which helps legal funding companies run their business. Working closely with the Segue team, and knowing the time constraints, KDD developed a logo and identity for the brand which spoke to the industry and technology of the company.

With an identity in place, we quickly moved into building a branded visual style while also creating a library of marketing materials for the company. We wrote and designed a sell sheet, brochure, marketing emails, and more for the launch.

In addition, we developed and built a web presence which included the production of a demo video for the software company.

And yes, from start to finish, the brand was launched within a month’s time, it was a winning sprint! KDD continues to work with Segue for their branding and marketing needs.

Click through the gallery below to see more of what we did for Segue Cloud Services: