This start-up not-for-profit organization came to KDD early in the planning stages to help develop their visual brand. The brand needed to reflect energy, community, and a theme of “tribe.”

Working for women logo and icon in various colors

GD USA American Graphic Design Awards 2019 Winner
Through a series of logo explorations, KDD designed an iconic and interchangeable logo system with a palette of unique colors that help give the Working for Women visual brand a vibrancy and personality.

Working for Women also needed a website, which we developed in two phases. Phase one was for the feasibility stage. Using a purchased WordPress theme, KDD built a quick and bare bones website with just a few pages, aimed at capturing interested members and potential partners.

Later on, KDD designed and developed the custom WordPress website now being used by Working for Women.

Click through the gallery below to see more of what we did, and continue to do, for Working for Women: