Young Survival Coalition, a national non-profit focused on creating community, resources, and support for young adults (under 40) facing breast cancer, has been working with Katy Dwyer Design since 2013. KDD has supported the efforts of YSC’s marketing department’s initiatives and events, and continues to do so on a nearly-daily basis.

YSC summit logo with inset YSC logo

As a national organization, Young Survival Coalition has multiple needs throughout the year. One of their larger events is the national conference for young adults affected by breast cancer called YSC Summit. KDD has been involved with this conference from the beginning, including creating the visual brand of the event. YSC needed a brand that incorporated their national brand, but also became a brand of its own. KDD designed the logo, signage, marketing materials, program, merchandise, and more for the event, and continues to do so year after year.

YSC is also a resource for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They have developed and offer a series of educational materials–called Navigators–which guide a young adult from being newly diagnosed all the way through treatment and long-term beyond diagnosis. KDD designed these navigators, and continues to aid in updates year after year, in addition to designing spanish version.

Another important tool for a non-profit is an annual report. KDD has been involved in the creation of numerous YSC annual reports over the years. Throughout all the design work, KDD maintains the look of the YSC brand by following brand guidelines, and also knowing when and where to push the envelope a bit, while still presenting the YSC brand in a cohesive fashion.

KDD is honored to play a supporting role in this important organization, and we continue to be a partner to their marketing efforts. From invitations for a fundraiser to Women’s Health Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Holiday cards, and everything in between, KDD is proud lend their design support to this important organization.


Click through the gallery below to see some of what we created for Young Survival Coalition: